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How Many Lashes lyrics - Kirk Franklin featuring Yolanda Adams

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How Many Lashes Song Lyrics

Sitting here speechless,
Still kinda in awe,
My mind's frozen, my soul's closed in
On what i just saw
On the big screen, whatbig things happened
I saw like a nightmare
Some cats cried, some try to be hard
Like they didn't care
Tell me why'd they do that?
I heard this little girl say
Mommy, why did they hurt jesus
Ahhh- she'll find out someday
With lashes on your back
Even though hard to see
Each one paints a perfect picture
Of your love for me
Lash number one
For all the times i turned you away
Chasing after worldy things like money and fame
Lash number two
For all the times that i was so wrong
See i wasn't strong enough to be alone
Lash number three
It's cause you love me you see it's hard to explain
You suffered 'cause you knew cause you knew someday
Our lives would exchange
How many lashes for my sins, lord
Did it take, i suppose
Since we were not there
We will never know
How many lashes?
Did a check lord
For that night that i lied
The night my moms cried
Cause she found out
I got high
I swore that night. Instead of
Chilling with you
There was that chick i got with
It was a chick i barely knew
I could go on all day
About all the things that i did
Like that day i was talking mad-crazy
About leaving my wife and my kids
I know it's hard to hear, but
Please let me be real
Nah, i can't lie to me no more
It's the way that i feel
Just for me...
He did it just for me
This is real love here...
Just for me
And as this moment comes to an end
When you look at the world
I wonder - would you do it again?
Was it worth the change
Do we embarrass your name
When you see us at the church,
Tell me - are you ashamed?
You'll get a shout out at the grammy's
On side b you'll get a song (word up!)
We'll call you when we need you
When all other options are gone
Because you love us
And it hasn't changed today
And inside if you're still hurting
I'd feel the same way

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