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Tweedily Dee lyrics

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Tweedily Dee Song Lyrics

(Chorus #1)
Tweedily-dee! Tweedily-doo! I'm the Flighty Fairy, and who are you?
Tweedily-doo! Tweedily-dee! What I find in this forest is for me
That's just how it has to be, I'm the Flighty Fairy, so tweedily-tweedily-dee!
(Verse #1)
What if we tell you that's the good king's egg?
He can walk here and get it on his own two legs!
But what if we command you to give it to us?
It's not going to happen, so don't even fuss!
And what if I kneel down and say pretty please?
I will wave my magic wand and drop you in the trees!
(Chorus #2)
Tweedily-dee! Tweedily-doo! I may be really little but there's so much I can do
Tweedily-doo! Tweedily-dee! I'm so glad I found this lit-tle Eggy
He's just the friend for me, he fills me up with glee, so tweedily-tweedily-dee!
(Verse #2)
What if we tell you that we won't go away?
Well, I'll cook up a rainstorm and you'll have a crummy day!
What if we grab the egg while you're in bed?
That won't be so easy while you're standing on your head!
You must surrender the egg!
No, I won't!
We must recapture the egg!
No, you don't! If you take one more step over here,
I will waggle my wand and you will disapeeeeeeear...
(Chorus #3)
Tweedily-dee! Tweedily-doo! I think getting time to skadaddle and skadoo
Tweedily-doo! Tweedily-dee! You just can't mess with the Flighty Fairy
I'm just too good you see, so tweedily-dee, tweedily-tweedily-dee!
Tweedily-dee! Tweedily-dee! Tweedily-deeeeeee!