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Back To You lyrics - Jeremy Kay

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Back To You Song Lyrics

I can only speculate
About living in the dark
I would rather generate
A little light from a spark
And I-i-i-i-i
I would like to shine
Yeah I-i-i-i-i
I'm feeling sublime
Didn't hear what your mama said
Brought it home anyway
Hard to sleep when it's in your bed
You can't make it go away
And u-u-u-u
U ain't got the time
you're never gonna shine
All that you do
Comin' on back to you
Everything you do
Is comin' on back to you
I admit I have a fondness
For looking deep inside
Does it make you feel uncomfortable
Do you wanna run and hide?
I admit I am responsible
For all these things I do
I would like to see such honesty
Coming back from you