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Tengo Un Corazón


Tengo Un Corazón Lyrics

Tengo Un Corazón Song Lyrics

Tengo un corazón en mi corazón
Tengo tanto, tanto para darte
Y mi alma dentro de tu alma esta
Canta sin cesar y ríe

Tengo un corazón que late por ti
Que se yo quien sabe porque tanto
Será que tenía que pasar
Aprendí a soñar y ahora

Ya me han hecho que apenas
Te escuche al llegar
Se enciende mi alma y empiezo a brillar

Si me dejas, si te atreves
Si me aceptas, si me crees
Te amare toda la vida
Viviré creyendo en ti

No te alejas, no te enfades
No te caigas, no te apiades así
Todo gira, todo cambia

Que tu luz se enciende en mi
Se enciende en mi

Tengo un corazón en mi corazón
Tengo tanto tanto para darte

December, 23rd 2016
A girl tells that she has so much on her heart to give to the boy who is the object of her love. She knows that this heart is beating right now. She's ready to listen and she's ready to dream about anything. She only asks him not to be angry and do not fall into the pity to himself. Anything can happen in this life and there are not always good things. You have to be prepared for them. But since you have the light in your heart and the person who is supportive nearby, you may reinvigorate yourself, by feeling that you have so much to absorb and so much to give to the person whom you love.

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