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January, 10th 2017
Radically different sound in the genre of techno. It forces you to cling to it from the first chord, eagerly preparing to swallow the sound as fresh air, and ... nothing. The monotonous, beating on the ears sound of instruments, where percussion dominates, almost fully covers the strange vocal, mechanically altered voices that make wince when listening – remember the sound of fork, scrubbing the glass, and get ready to remember it for the next four and some minutes. Reference: More about "The Crystal Cat" by Baltimore electronic musician Dan Deacon on Wikipedia

The Crystal Cat lyrics - Dan Deacon

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The Crystal Cat Song Lyrics

I'm gonna get my bathing suit on
Gonna get my base face on
Gonna get my hat out of loan
Gonna get my space face on
I'm gonna turn all snakes into bone
Go wishing the stone
Keep the crystal cat cold
Gotta get the throne
Hope my baby
May we meet a beastman
Hold us there
Happy but by one hand
Gonna get my pile of stone
Gonna my loud loud gong
Gonna get my men into rows
You better cover dem toes
Big carrot throne...
Let them take a load...
The crystal cat gets cold...