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The Way I Feel Inside Lyrics - Taron Egerton

Soundtrack: Sing

Song Lyrics

The Way I Feel Inside Song Lyrics

Should I try to hide the way I feel inside my heart for you?
Would you say that you would try to love me too?
In your mind could you ever be really close to me?
I can tell the way you smile, if I feel that I could be certain
Then I would say the things, I want to say tonight

But till I can see that you'd really care for me
I will dream that someday you'll be really close to me
I can tell the way you smile if I feel that I could be certain
Then I would say the things I want to say tonight

But till I can see that you'd really care for me
I'll keep trying to hide the way I feel inside

December, 19th 2016
This song is easy and it is loved to be sung a-cappella, as it was originally intended. It was conceived by the American band named ‘The Zombies’ in March 1965. This is of pop genre, while the album in which it was included also has beat, R&B, and rock directions. It was professionally rated at 3.5 stars out of 5 by 'AllMusic', and this song is loved to be performed and covered by many singers, just the same as it was done by the ape in the movie 'Sing'.
The movie is actually the glorification of now-popular many musical contests, which are so adored by the public, but not always the winners of these contests do the outstanding musical career. The one bright example how the particular contest helped to raise a new star, was Susan Boyle, a housekeeper from the UK. She was not pretty, she was not successful, she was absolutely nothing in this life. But she has an outstanding voice that was spotted from the first seconds she opened her mouth in the contest. Now she has been singing with the world’s most significant opera, musicals, and pop singers of the human kind, and she earns hundred times more than her husband did in the time when she was a housekeeper. So it is pretty understandable why people go to such contests even if they are anthropomorphic animals, as in this movie.
In addition to a pretty nice version of this song made by Taron Egerton in the film, you should definitely listen to this version
We have heard this song before numerous times. And every time we considered it had a huge lack of background supporting music. The pace was largely uneven all the time and we thought that it was a peculiarity of certain performance of this song. We have never considered it as a pepper of the original performance. But now as we have heard it from ‘The Zombies’, from Taron Egerton and from the guy named Jesse Northey on YouTube, who performs the cover, we are sure that it was not just our comprehension – this a cappella thing definitely needs the background music.
Hearing it, you understand it is about feelings that a certain representative of humankind has inside his heart. It is a song of uncertain person, who is in love and cherishes the feeling that he has but he is too shy to approach the object of his love and make his dream come true. The huge frustration, the shyness, and the fear to be rejected are heard in this composition.
The way Taron Egerton does this is much more professional than the original performers did.
'The Zombies' band was organized in 1962. Five years later, they disbanded and reunited again for two years in 1990. 1997 was the year of other unification for the concert activity, and since 2004, they are active without stops. They have six studio albums, five live albums, and 19 compilation albums, the latest of which was named ‘R.I.P.’ (released in 2014). Maybe they made a full stop with this one.
They also have 19 separate singles starting from 1964 to 1969. Not before and not ever after, they made separate singles – all their music was included in the albums.

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