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Gimme Some Lovin' - The Spencer Davis Group

Soundtrack: Sing

Song Lyrics

Gimme Some Lovin' Song Lyrics

Well, my temperature's rising and my feet hit the floor
Twenty people knocking 'cause they're wanting some more
Let me in, baby, I don't know what you've got
But you'd better take it easy, 'cause this place is hot

So glad we made it, so glad we made it
You got to gimme some lovin', gimme some lovin'
Gimme some lovin' every day

Well, I feel so good, everything is sounding hot
Better take it easy, 'cause the place is on fire
Been a hard day and I don't know what to do
Wait a minute, baby, it could happen to you


Well, I feel so good, everybody's getting higher
Better take it easy, 'cause the place is on fire
Been a hard day, nothing went too good
Now I'm gonna relax, honey, everybody should

December, 19th 2016
The Spencer Davis Group is the band who did pretty standard garage rock thing (at least, this one). They came out right of 1960's and a sound like this one was standard even for those times. Yes, it was extremely popular and, yes, they are in-liners but they don't bring anything special to the music field – the same guitars, the same drums, the same distinctive voice and that's it. This song is as long as three minutes without a couple seconds and the four guys do this pretty standard piece in a canonical way. In their behavior, and in the lyrics, nothing protrusive. So maybe they sing something extraordinary in the words? Let's analyze the lyrics.
Actually no – nothing particularly peculiar. It is about a lot of flesh desire when a guy loves a girl intimately. They feel their temperature rising, they barely stand on the floor with their feet and they are getting higher because of the sensations. Somehow, this is intertwined with a song about these intimate activities (a song within a song). And the singer also tells that there are about 20 people knocking on his door in the anticipation of a song about their relations. It has been a hard day and he (a singer) & the place around him are on fire. He is glad, he wants to be loved, he's ready to give some love to a girl but basically this is all for the essence.
The format of this slow-play is Blue Eyed Soul in the mixture of the rhythm and blues. There are three writers of this song amongst the participants of the band named The Spencer Davis Group. Spencer Davis was a guy around whom they all collected (he gathered). He is aged 77 right now and he performs in pop and rock genres. He says he once was invited to the Beatles band but didn't remain to participate. His current activities are rare. From 1970s, when the group disbanded, he started a solo career but wasn't particularly successful. This single about which we're talking here, was released in 1966, several years prior to the partition of the band.
This band was dismantling 2 times. The first separation they experienced in 1969. Then four years later, they collected again to co-exist only one year and disbanded again in 1974. Very-very late unification was in 2006 and they are somehow active till now but we're not sure that this is productive activity.
In several years after the group was organized, they received the first regular contract and the producer. It happened in Birmingham. There's nothing particularly visible from the oeuvre of this band. They have eight albums but they didn't take the tops. In 1965, and the year later, several their singles were number one in the United Kingdom but through the 1960, when their career was involving steadily, there is absolutely nothing significant in the performance in the U.S., as the best place they had was 7th, in 1966. The worst place they took was 113th, two years later, with their single 'Looking Back'.

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