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Buddy Kissed Me lyrics

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Buddy Kissed Me Song Lyrics

Buddy kissed me
He kissed me for the first time
Didn't you hear what he said?
There's only one thought
Running through my head
He kissed me
And then they both denied
Any thought of romance
But he kissed me
Words can lie
But kisses don't
You can lie to yourself
I won't
No one could love a Siamese twin
Nobody wants us
No one ever has
No one ever will
Why are you trying
To kill my dream?
It's not a dream
It's a nightmare
Wake up
Look around you
We are freaks
Stuck together
And we'll always be alone
But I want to wake up
To what I'm dreaming of
Dreaming that some day
Some night
I could find love
Will I find love?