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Scene: Colin's Room lyrics - The Secret Garden Cast

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Scene: Colin's Room Song Lyrics

Colin: Get out!
Mary: Who are you?
Colin: Are you a ghost?
Mary: No, I am not. I am Mary Lennox. Archibald Craven is my uncle.
Colin: I am Colin. Archibald Craven is my father. I see no one, and no one sees me including my father. I am going to die!
Mary: How do you know?
Colin: Because I hear everybody whispering about it! If I live I may be a hunchback, but I shan't live. Where did you come
Mary: From India. My parents died there of the cholera.
Colin: My mother died, too. When I was born. That's why my father hates me.
Mary: He hates the garden, too.
Colin: What garden?
Mary: Why do you scream all the time? Do you have bad dreams? I have bad dreams in this house.
[Thanks to Eco-Edie for lyrics]