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Haunt You

The Pack A.D. Lyrics


Haunt You Lyrics

Haunt You Song Lyrics

Here you are at the start, everything is so great
A new house, a new life, so absurdly safe
Got some kids, stupid kids, a wife at the gate
But something lurks, unseen, maybe something you ate

I died
I died
I died
I'll haunt you

Just like a bad plot, I won't tell you why
Under floor or in a wall is where my secret lies
I'll come for your family first, so set them free
In some way, you alone, have clearly offended me

I died
I died
I died
I'll haunt you

See I can't leave this house, for me it's far too late
If we're going to live as one, let's get this straight
I can trip you up just by, moving things around
And make you ethereal just like the hell I found


November, 11th 2016
3:46 of composition with very aggressive beginning, which resembles something like shamanic singing and then comes hard guitar and we understand – it is no shamanic singing in front of us, but a real hard rock. With cymbals, dashing voices, activity and energy typical for youth which you drop understanding after becoming around 35 years-old-fellow, when you become a solid dude or coxcomb saying such music is not for you anymore, you prefer not rave till the dawn, but sleep in a cozy bed.


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