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Financial Advice lyrics - Colman Domingo

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Financial Advice Song Lyrics

Attorney general (mr. Bones)
When your bills ain't paid
And the goin's rough
And your bankbook says
You ain't got enough,
Let me tell you, sonny
There's nothin' like jew money
I told you, i lied! Those boys never jazzed me! You think i couldn't make my own money if i wanted to - from men just like
Attorney general (mr. Bones)
When there ain't no cash
For the days ahead
And you got no job
And you wish you was dead
There's one solution, honey
Go get you some jew money
What are you talking about! We made it all up! I don't even know what a jew looks like.
Attorney general (mr. Bones)
They've got it all
They hide it well
They must have made a pact
With the devil in hell
With all their gold
I just can't see
Why some of it should not belong to
You and me
This lie ain't for sale! And if it was, do you think i'd sell out for this sorry-ass grey hat and grey coat?
Attorney general (mr. Bones)
So, if that is the way you feel
Go out and borrow, beg or steal
And once you get their money
Here's my advice to you
Keep that money
But get rid of that jew
I lied because victoria told me to. I was scared. Why did everybody believe me when i was telling a lie, but nobody believes
Me when i'm telling the truth?
Attorney general (mr. Bones)
Once you get their money
Here's my advice to you
Take that money
I don't take anything i don't make.
Attorney general (mr. Bones)
Grab that money
Yeah, grab this.
Attorney general (mr. Bones)
Keep that money
But lose that jew -
Stop! Stop! Stop!!! I lied! I said i was sorry! Why don't nobody believe me?
[thanks to garrett for lyrics]