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Look at Them Beans lyrics - Johnny Cash

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Look at Them Beans Song Lyrics

This time last year there sure was a lot of sad faces around this old house
Our papa died without fullfillin' his life's dream
Of producing one of the best crops in Grimes County
Though papa died with that dream still in his head
A desire in his heart a promise on his lips callusess on both hands
And two dollars in his pocket
Papa didn't live long enough to see his dreams come true
So he died from too much work broken spirit I guess
But I promised our mama that if it was a last thing he'd ever do
He'd live long enough to see just one good crop come through
But you see we can't plan on things without first talking to God
Because we don't know his plans and if we don't include him my friends
The way can get mighty hard
They say that everytime a good and righteous person
Is buried in God's good earth it's just fortilizer for the soil
And I guess there must be some truth to that whether we believe it or not
I just wish that papa was here right now
So that he could see this good crop that we fin'ly got
Hey look at that beans and look at that corn
And I bet them watermelons must be three feet long
Man look at them tomatoes and look at them peas
Well I know if papa was here right now he'd sure be pleased
[ fiddle ]
And papa would sure be proud of his children too
My brother's famous now got his own show on the road
Traveling in customized bus imported from Europe
That boy always did love music and he loves to travel
I got a sister that's got a good job in a beauty shop
Making money making other people look good
Ain't nobody here at a house now but me and mama
And mama she's gettin' weaker and she's gettin' older every day
And she talks softly about joinin' papa in his heavenly home
But that woman sure did love that man
She worked beside papa for forty some odd years
Tryin' to produce a good crop and never could grow a single bean
But I just wish that papa was here right now to see this good crop that we fin'ly got
Man look at that beans...
And papa if you can hear me look at them beans