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Protected lyrics - Chino featuring Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor

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Protected Song Lyrics

erse 1:
Big up to the friends, the fans, the fakers and the enemies,
forever keep me bredda Craig Dennis inna me memories,
tink me nuh remember nuff a dem come wid agenda say dem got you
still dem chat you tell me now what kinda friend dem is.
nuff a dem did hot now dem a pop down an a reminisce,
true we gone a lead now dem a pree we as dem nemesis,
lyrics to the beats we have the streets we have the leverage,
dem try fi give we poison spliff or alcoholic beverage,
hater dem naav nuttn fi do dem have a terrible case of boredom,
everyday dem write up -pon dem forum,
bout Chino dis Stephen dat, waa fi see we slow down,
a chat a bag a ting but tell dem we nuh fraid a no tongue
True dem badmind dem a try stop we glory an dem never know half of the story when dem a fight we, we still nuh worry cause dem never know we protected (rept. x 2)
Verse 2:
Hear weh dem say:
him only buss because him ride offa di boss name,
when me just a buss me never (advertise me last name)
me nuh inna music fi nuh hype nuh fast fame
dem nuh plant nuh corn an want fi reap up every last grain,
nuff a dem sell out fi try live life inna di fast lane,
see say dem nuh firm dem weaker than me gucci glass frame,
me see right through dem is like dem have a glass frame,
try fi bruck me medz but tell dem me nuh have nuh glass brain.
dem say we bread butter true we a di captain offspring,
dem nuh know we struggles or we past pain,
(street respect) crazy love anytime we go cross Spain,
nuff a dem cant go Fletchers Drewsland or past pain, ask frame!
who fah music the streets been blasting, everything IRIE me ZIP lock HITs ask FAME
haters been asking how him a play so often,
wuss true Nestle an Coca Cola start endorse him