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Music Video

Oh My Yeti

Tom Lennon Lyrics


Oh My Yeti Lyrics

Oh My Yeti Song Lyrics

I took a track on the Aweridge
So many amazing things
I cross land, and water, and bridge
Like a bird without its wings
And then days and days of searching
All hope is lost inside
My body tired of lurching
I gather up my mind

Then, there it was the distance
Wandering amongst the trees
It left me in a magical trance
My one and only Yeti
Oh, my Yeti
Just strange and wonderful beast
Oh, Yeti, Oh, Yeti, Oh my Yeti
Wish you well now.


January, 09th 2018
A man singing a little song lasting for only 1 minute 16 seconds about how he was lurching for Yeti in the distance of nature. He tells that he’d been crossing lands, bridges, and rivers on his way to the city named Aweridge – it’s probably the place where Yeti’s habitat is. He spent much time searching for this beast and the only thing he can tell after meeting with him that it is ‘strange and wonderful.’ Isn’t too exciting as for the description of his goal.
This is a song under the guitar, where only his voice and sounds of this musical instrument are present. It sounds like folk.


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