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Smile - Jean Laughlin

Soundtrack: Passengers

Song Lyrics

Smile Song Lyrics

These days people have a hard time smiling,
Troublesome times are making us feel blue.
These days there's a list that I'm compiling,

Writing down ways of seeing this through
I'm gonna step outside into the sunshine,
Spot the first daffodil of springtime.
I'm gonna put my woes on the back burner
Just for now.

I'm gonna take a longer look at that blue sky,
Inhale the sweetness that's in my life.
I'm gonna take this frown and
Turn it upside down, and
I'm gonna smile
I'm gonna smile
Oh it feels so good
To smile.

I'm gonna drink up the beauty of
A pastel sunrise,
Watch the water glisten in the moonlight.
I'm gonna see if I can take these trials in stride
I'm gonna revel in the sounds of a jazz quartet,
Feast my weary eyes on a luscious sunset.
Gonna celebrate the
Good things in my life, and

I'm gonna smile.
I'm gonna smile,
Oh it feels so good
To smile.