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Lookin' At the Downside

Jean Laughlin Lyrics


Lookin' At the Downside Lyrics

Lookin' At the Downside Song Lyrics

Do you wake up every morning
Thinking life's your enemy?
Well now that's because your mind is filled with negativity

You might try out something new
And just create a new reality
Cause these bitter thoughts are just
A kind of slow malignancy

You'd better just stop
Lookin' at the downside
Though I know that life can
Seem to give a very bumpy ride
I'm beggin' you, please don't keep
Lookin' at the downside
Cause before you know your soul could could go into a steady decline

You might try to think of others
While you're dishin' out disdain
Cause to all your friends, your sisters
Brothers, you're inflicting serious pain

You would be surprised how lookin' at the
Bright side tends to really light up your day
All you need to do is change your attitude
And I will show you the way
Please won't you stop looking at the downside!