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Summation & Cakewalk lyrics

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Summation & Cakewalk Song Lyrics

This angel met her end on the concrete floor of the sweatshop
where she toiled away her childhood fastening erasers to pencil caps
for ten pennies an hour.
She died a noble death without a splotch or blemish upon her
(holding up her bloody clothes above his head)
Your Honor, I've done my duty;
I have no apologies to make.
There will be but one verdict in this trial:
ENSEMBLE (overlapping)
God bless this day in the old hills of Georgia
The old red hills of home.
All sinners pay in the old hills of Georgia
Let us finish what's begun
And let Jesus' will be done!
Gentlemen of the Jury, have you reached a verdict?
Yes, sir, we have, Your Honor.
How say you?
(The eleven other jurors confirm their verdict: GUILTY!
The crowd breaks into an exultant celebratory cakewalk.
Leo and Lucille embrace each other, terrified.)