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Frankie's Testimony lyrics

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Frankie's Testimony Song Lyrics

So, Frankie, you say you rode downtown with Mary on the English Avenue streetcar?
FRANKIE: Yes, sir. Mornin' of the Memorial Day Parade
DORSEY: And can you tell us what happened?
Well, she got up to go and she looked kinda funny.
And I said.... Somethin' wrong Mary?
MARY: Mr. Frank.
FRANKIE: Mr. Frank what?
MARY: Looks at me.
FRANKIE: Looks at you? Everybody looks at you!
MARY: Not like Mr. Frank.
FRANKIE: What's he do?
He calls my name
I turn my head
He got no words to say
His eyes get big
My face gets red
And I want to run away
And he looks
And I wait
And he smiles...
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