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Music Video

Come To My Party Lyrics - Black Joe Lewis

OST: Office Christmas Party

Song Lyrics

Come To My Party Song Lyrics

Come to my party
You bring your best friend
'Cause everybody comin' to my house tonight; it's my party

You bring your girlfriend; tell her bring some friends of her own
Gotta keep that ratio right
So all the homies have a good time, at my party

Gonna spin some records, Man; I got all the good jams
Gonna pull the furniture up out' the livin' room tonight
'Cause everbody rockin', at my party. Alright, alright

Come to my party
It'll be the jammer of the week, and the town
And we don't talk, politics or war
The answers to life's on the dance floor

Party! Everybody party, at my house
On friday night's a party. Yeah, now
C'mon girl, tonight's the (goodie) party

C'mon! Light it up! Get that, Walter
C'mon! Light it up! Got that good stuff
Come to my party

December, 22nd 2016
The song's name stresses the narrative line of the film, where a crowd of people invites the other crowd of people to a party of the year in their office, smashing down everything they have there. Despite the fact that the film is full of stamps & is only to be loved by admirers of parties, from the point of view of partying, this clip and a dance-genre song are nice. In addition, they contain a hint on the trash that is included in a film – a person arrives at some already going party, drinks a little bit and some magical and weird stuff is started with him. He thinks that the reason is in the booze.

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