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Booty Bounce Lyrics - Mr. Collipark, Atom Pushers, DJ Wavy

Soundtrack: Office Christmas Party

Song Lyrics

Booty Bounce Song Lyrics

Bootay Bootay Bootay Bootay Bootay Bootay
You already know
Booty bounce pop

Booty bounce pop
Booty bounce pop
Wobbley woobley woobley Drop
Wobbley woobley woobley Drop
The bootay Bounce POP!
Everybody getting out in the street
get the pop pop popping when we holding the beat
Everybody show then with they're toes and hands
Ass keep dropping out these female pants
Shake it to me and Wobble it
Girl keep on droping it like you aint stoping it
Booty bounce
bobobo Booty bounce pop

December, 22nd 2016
It is a solid dance composition made by several people – Mr. Collipark, Atom Pushers, DJ Wavy. It's only destiny to make people dance under it. It is sharpened for making twerk. No wonder that the essence boils down to bootay, shaking it up, popping up, holding the beat, rising up your toes & hands on the streets, dropping out the upper pants just to reveal how good you do a thing with the booties. The song lasts 3 minutes & 23 seconds & is absolutely in line with the essence of the film.
It is considered by some as one of the best songs for twerk. Well, not sure about the ‘song’ but the music is invigorating.

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