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Reference: “How You Learn To Live Alone” on ABC “Nashville” - Gretchen Peters

How You Learn To Live Alone lyrics - Jonathan Jackson

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How You Learn To Live Alone Song Lyrics

First you fall and then you fly.
And you believe that you belong up in the sky.
Flap your arms as you run.
Every revolution brings you closer to the sun.
You fall asleep in motion and uncharted hemispheres,
Then you wake up with the stars falling down around your ears.
And when they hit the ground they're nothing but stones.
[chorus (x2)]
That's how you learn to live alone.
[verse 2]
Bit by bit, you slip away.
You lose yourself in pieces,
In the things that you don't say.
You're not here, but you're still there.
The sun goes up, the sun goes down,
But you're not sure you care.
You live inside the faults til you don't recognize the truth.
People send you pictures and you can't believe it's you.
And it's been years since your house has felt like home.
[chorus (x2)]
[verse 3]
It don't feel right, but it's not wrong.
It's just hard to start again this far along.
And brick by brick you let it go, as you walk from everything you know.
You the least resistance,
And you lean into the wind til the roof begins to crumble and the rain comes pouring in.
And you sit there in the rubble til the rubble feels like home.

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