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The Sacred Bird lyrics

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The Sacred Bird Song Lyrics

(In KIM's room she has dressed TAM in his best clothes.
She lights candles at her family shrine, then picks up the photo of her parents.)
From this picture I keep
You, my parents, look out
And you smiles show no scorn
I am happy today
For I know what to do
And my heart is not torn
Spirits know when to fly
When it's time
There's no reson to mourn
For the great sacred bird is reborn
From the ashes he'll rise
And upon his wide wings
I'll watch you from above
I will never be far
But my son, it's your turn
To know your father's love
I know now why I came
To this earth
It's so you find your place
But for that I must leave your embrace
You will be with
Your father now
Give all your love to him
When I am gone
Take one last look at me
Don't forget what you see
For now you must move on
You will be who you want to be - you
Can choose whatever heaven grants
As long as you can have your chance
I swear I'll give my life for you
No one will stop what I mjst do
My son, I'll give my life for you
(She kisses TAM, prays before the shrine,
hears people approching, blows out the candles.
She checks to see that it is CHRIS comming.
She gives TAM a toy, and disappears behond the bed curtain)