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October, 22nd 2016
Live execution of country music by Clayton Anderson sounds even better than the studio recording, because there is a living atmosphere of the bar, which boils with energy and teeming with people. Studio quality would give the thin line of guitars & deep voice with crisp percussive sounds on the drums & cymbals. But to convey the energy and vocal support of dozen voices, which proves the love to this folk direction of sounding of 2:28, the bar is the right moody place. Reference: Right Where I Belong by Clayton Anderson on Apple MusicApple Music

Right Where I Belong lyrics - Clayton Anderson

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Right Where I Belong Song Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Same old farm, same old dirt road drive
Same old creek I jumped a thousand times
Same old spot where I dropped this blanket on the ground
And get that same old kiss that I can't live without
Oh, I'm right where I belong
Got a good thing going on
Ain't no sweeter easy going
Ain't no softer summer breeze
Ain't no place I'd rather call home
Oh, I'm right where I belong
[Verse 2]
Same old neighbor, same old nod and wave
Same old houses need a coat of paint
Same old corner drug store that we all go to
Same old, "Don't be a stranger, y'all come back real soon."
Same old evening sun
Girl, you take my breath
In that almost see-through cotton dress
Same old, "Don't get no better than this."
Right where I belong