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Music Video

Can You Imagine That?

Soundtrack: Mary Poppins Returns

Song Lyrics

Can You Imagine That? Song Lyrics

John you're right
It's good to know you're bright
For intellect can wash away confusion
Georgie sees
And Annabel agrees
Most folderol's an optical illusion
You three know it's true
That one plus one is two
Yes, logic is the rock of our foundation
I suspect and I'm never incorrect
That you're far too old to give into imagination

No, not yet

Some people like to splash and play
Can you imagine that?
And take a seaside holiday
Can you imagine that?
Too much glee leaves rings around the brain
Take that joy and send it down the drain

Some people like to laugh at life
And giggle through the day
They think the world's a brand new shiny toy
And if while dreaming in the clouds
They fall and go kersplatt
Although they're down and bent in half
They brush right off and start to laugh
Can you imagine that?

"On second thoughts perhaps you're right, it makes no sense to take a bath this early"
"Wait. I want to take a bath."
"Oh, really? Up you go and in you go"
"Georgie. What happened? Will they be alright?"
"Well it is just a bath after all, but then again it's not my tub"
"Shouldn't you go in after them"
"Oh no I had my bath this morning, thank you"
"Well if you won't, I will. Woah."
"Off we go"

Some people like to dive right in
Can you imagine that?
And flap about in bathtub gin
Can you imagine that?

Doggies paddling twenty leagues below
Might seem real but we know it's not so
To cook without a recipe
Can you imagine that?
And heaven knows what lives within that pot
Some pirates follow treasure maps
And wear a silly hat
They search the world for buried gold
They won't grow up and don't grow old
Can you imagine that?

Be sure to scrub behind your ears

Some answer when adventure calls
Can you imagine that?
And sail straight over waterfalls
Can you imagine that?

They see living as it's own reward (Ahoy!)
We rock the boat then (Man overboard!)
Some people look out on the sea
And see a brand new day
Their spirit lifts them high above the blue

Yet some others wear an anchor
And they sink in seconds flat
So, perhaps we've learned when day is done
Some stuff and nonsense could be fun
Can you imagine that?