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"Mother, Did You Watch?" lyrics

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"Mother, Did You Watch?" Song Lyrics

Mother did you watch
Everything is sold
Mother can't you tell
The new routine, it went so well
I was worried just a touch
That it might have been too much
Just a bit, well, rather free
But just listen to the crowd
Why they've never been so loud
Screaming only for me.
Madame Giry: Meg-
And the Master must have heard
Every note and every word
Mother, tell me, did he see?
Madame Giry: Meg, stop it-
Even he will now concede
I'm the only one he'll need.
Mother what's wrong?
Meg, sweet fool, you did all that you could
Charming, bright and yet still not enough
Meg: What? What do you mean?
Madame Giry:
How you danced
They're all entranced
All but the one whose entrancement we sought
Meg: He wasn't there?
Madame Giry:
Where poor girl, do you think that he was?
Yes, that's right, in with her all along
Meg: With Christine?
Madame Giry:
Dreaming of their child, they're love
Too smitten to give you one moment of thought-
Meg: But you said-
Madame Giry:
All that you gave him, it's all been a waste-
Meg: You're wrong!
Madame Giry:
All that you've done it has all been erased
Meg: Don't say that!
Madame Giry:
Now he has them,
As for us,
We have both been replaced
Meg: No!
[Thanks to Alexie for lyrics]