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Heaven By The Sea lyrics

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Heaven By The Sea Song Lyrics

Woman: Hurry up!
Man: You wont believe it
woman: take a look whats over here
man: who imagined just how big the place would be!
All: The man called Mr. Y, put it up in just a year! Its a little slice of heaven by the sea!
woman: there’s restaurants
man: A midway!
woman: And a gigantic concert hall
people: and the biggest fun house ever seen
man: a volcano that erupts each day at three!
man: Wonders brought from ‘round the world!
people: the seasons just begun and mr y has got it all
woman: crystal fountains
man: grand pavilions
people: Hell it must have cost him millions!
All: Its a little slice of heaven by the sea!
woman: Over here!
All: The sights, the sounds, the lights, the smells, the water wheels, the carousels. the gardens, and the maze! the marble
... . The rides (the rides!) the shows (the shows) The games! The games of chance. The rush (the rush!) the whirl (the whirl)
The sheer, the sheer romance.
Woman: And the rumors!
Man: What about ‘em?
people: Things so odd you dare and doubt them
woman: Freaks and monsters!
Man: aberrations
People: With mechanical creations!
Woman: And the genius who designed it wears a mask!
All: A mask? A mask!
Man: But whats behind it!
All: Whats behind it? Whats behind it! What behind it?
Man: Fancy Ballrooms!
Man: Open Spaces!
People: Shoots and steeple chases!
Man: A casino
Women: A museum!
Man: Look! A roman coliseum!
Woman: And a concert hall thats bigger than the meant!
All: Whats inside it? whats inside it? whats inside it?
[Thanks to Breezy for lyrics]