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The Beauty Is (Reprise) lyrics

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The Beauty Is (Reprise) Song Lyrics

MARGARET (spoken)
When Clara was twelve, we rented a Shetland
party for her birthday. She and her friends were
leading the pony around, and I turned to get
the phone, and when I turned back, the pony
kicked her.
She fell
It seemed to take forever for her to fall
You know in those moments
When momentuous things happen
So slowly
I reach
Like these paintings in the old tradition
There's a figure reaching out in them like so
And to me it is the most familiar tableau
I know
So much wanting something
So much reaching for it
So much wishing just to have one moment back
So much being patient
So much blind acceptance
I know
No, I don't know
A mother here in Italy
A mother here alone
I thought if I had a child
I would take such care of her
So much reaching for it
So much holding breath and keeping fingers crossed
Watching over my
My little lost
If I could
Then I would paint it over
I would be there and I wouldn't turn away
If I only had a chance to not turn away
And the beauty is
And the beauty is
The beauty is
[Thanks to Julia, Joy for lyrics]