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Music Video

Freak Momma

Mudhoney & Sir Mix-A-Lot Lyrics


Freak Momma Lyrics

Freak Momma Song Lyrics

The Mack is back, sweepin up smack packs
Still slangin that game on a rock track
Been in this bank and it don't stop
No, here we go again settin up shop
Yep, lookin for a thang with the nice hips
Mmm, better have a set of them big lips (* slurp *)
When it comes to sex I want a freak
no leash but the baby got back teeth
It's on partner, get it on tape son
Here I come with another one
I wanna put you in the Mud, honey
Spittin out of them guts like it ain't funny
Yep yep yep Peter Piper couldn't pimp
Call Mix if you wanna peep game simp
Freak daddy wanna get nasty
Call freak momma fast G....

Freak momma! (x3)

Slow this hoe down y'all
Bring it back

Verse two, the mackin ain't never through
Old nasty rapper wanna get wit you
You can dance on the table and play that stripper role
and make love on the console
She ain't nothin nice
Undercover vice done picked her up twice
She ain't no hoe though, take your No-Doz
She'll put you on the floor and then 'Oh no'
Wine wine wine sexy dancer
No need to romance ya
I just wanna tap that bird
so heed the word you just heard
We fuss and cuss and kick up much dust
but you know rap stars, you can trust us
Ain't no sense in throwin no drag or drama
Come on baby gimme that freak momma.....

Freak momma! (x3)

Mister Richard wants to get ya
Take a few nasty pictures
And then ya flip ya, kiss ya cos he doesn't need ya
Baby I just wanna get wit ya
Lovin these type of lyrics
so baby I was raised on crack so I gotta let ya hear it
I can't help myself I love sexy and controversy
Invasion of the rump snatcher
Got much ass so you know I'll catch ya
So don't try to break cos I come off straight
and other rappers try to come off 'kay
And their minds is stuck on me and I'm stuck on you
I ain't thinkin about a man when I come through
We can peel out on these Yokahama's
Just me and my freak momma..... YUP!

Freak momma!
Freak momma!
See if I can do some of that Mudhoney dope
Freak momma! (Yo)
Just lost my street credibility y'all, hahaha
I'm gonna freak you
This song has been banned by the F.C.C.