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Backups Medley lyrics - Jersey Boys and the Four Seasons

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Backups Medley Song Lyrics

You work for me. You're garunteed a salary, and as soon as mercury's in torez you bring me four songs and i'll record 'em.
Meanwhile, you sing background for my artists.
Hal miller and the raves: an angel cried, take one.
Hal miller:
Then raindrops fell
Down from the sky
The day you left me
An angel cried
Oh, she cried
An angel cried
She cried
Miss franki noland and the romans: i still care, take two.
Franki noland:
Wanting you so
Brings a tear to my eye
Oh, i love you so
How could you, how could you say goodbye
Franki noland and frankie valli:
'Cause i still care
Franki noland:
I still care for you
Billy di*kson and the topics: trance, take three.
Billy di*kson:
Late last night strollin' down the street
I saw a girl, steppin' on my feet
She put me in a trance
A hazy, crazy trance
Bob gaudio:
It was better than knocking on doors... But not much.
[Thanks to Grace for lyrics]