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Painting Her Portrait lyrics - Original Broadway Cast

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Painting Her Portrait Song Lyrics

What a fool I have been to wonder
If he might have a care for me
How insane the thought that you
Could be to him dear in any way
That a more absurd young girl has lived
I doubt that you could say!
You, a favorite of Mr. Rochester?
Gifted with the power?
Your logic's fading by the hour
And to no avail, Jane!
Poor, blind puppy!
Had to go on dreaming
Had to try to give your life some meaning
Still you fail, Jane!
How dare you think that there's a place
In his heart for you?
I'm painting my portrait, an absolute likeness
Faithful to illustrate every fine line
I'm mastering detail, highlighting defects
Making a permanent mirror to see
All of the faults that lie hidden in me
I'm painting my portrait, it's plain and uneven
Reminding me what I am, what I must be
I'm leaving out nothing no matter how painful
All of my flaws on display to be seen
Now my painting is done
I'll start another, this one of her
And when I close my eyes I clearly see her face
Capture her grace and poise
Fight back the tears
And I'm painting her portrait, an absolute likeness
The loveliest face, the most delicate skin
A tribute to beauty, the perfect Miss Ingram
Omit neither diamond ring nor golden rose
Make her a lady of rank
Glistening satin
Oh, how she glows
Mix in your finest tints, paint her dramatically
With all your sweetest hues sit here fanatically
Painting our portraits
This one will live all of her life as a governess
Just a lonely governess
This one will always be happy
And marry a man who will carry her away
And should you fancy that he really loves you
Just compare the pictures
Two completely different mixtures
You should be ashamed, Jane
Why would he trade his silver
For some unpolished metal?
Why would he settle for a slave
When he could have a queen?
Jane, it's foreseen, Jane!
Don't even dare any more to compare
Say a prayer for your sorry soul, Jane!
[Thanks to erin for lyrics]

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