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December, 29th 2016
Interesting idea – home is where hurts. Basically, the singer says her house (meaning her heart under the concept ‘house’) has nothing – no roof, windows, ceiling, walls, no protection from the weather outside, nothing from the furniture or furnishing. She even shifts onto French in three lines of the song, continuing: it is not a harbor; she would bleed if someone intrudes there. She has literally no protection. But a person who dares to enter surely finds his death there. Reference: Camille - Home Is Where It Hurts | Discogs,

Home Is Where It Hurts lyrics - Camille

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Home Is Where It Hurts Song Lyrics

My home has no door
My home has no roof
My home has no windows
It ain't water proof
My home has no handles
My home has no keys
If you're here to rob me
There's nothing to steal
A la maison
Dans ma maison
C'est là que j'ai peur
Home is not a harbour
Home home home
Is where it hurts
My home has no heart
My home has no veins
If you try to break in
It bleeds with no stains
My brain has no corridors
My walls have no skin
You can lose your life here