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January, 10th 2017
Soup from a Can band is very cute and funny pun. However, the melody is quite strange, and here we can already hear the very same motifs that make to perceive the film in a little bit negative way. It is very relaxed and lazy indie, which gradually becomes a more or less energetic sound only at the second minute, if you can even call it rock in the old meaning of this genre. Reference: More about Can on Wikipedia

Soup lyrics - Can

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Soup Song Lyrics

The sound alone will make me move along,
This thing speaks, you're often on,
The sound alone, yeah, yeah.
All the song now,
The hiding measure, you won't get them
And when you're down you're down all bound,
The crazy town, all way down.
If you last long the warning hound,
The warning down, you're all, yeah,
The fregging down, they soothe my neck,
The fregging town, it's all down,
This walking all around,
This walking all through town.
Won't you laugh?
It's Monday while I write
And better ever laugh alright.
Do no lie just all life,
Better ever laugh alright that.
What time, just my life
Is ever hanging out of the day.
A better life, it's all I like,
It's better walking all around.
Ever back, it's all, it's all alive,
Ever back, it's all, it's all alive.
Forget one life, it's all their life,
We make you people all laugh.
Forget one life and parts he correct,
Forget it and support all parts of life.
Supporting one life is just breaking time,
The magic's better all alone,
Just falling alone, the threshold of life,
Living's taking all of my morning life.
Back, it's all, it's all going in my pocket,
Back, it's all the morning of my life.
All string,
It's all and now
Laying down to the ground.
Is it a mind or is it a grawl?
For it's all sense, it's all
Or is it a game,
Or is it a game?
It's just in, he's just tall,
I wouldn't laugh