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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

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Inherent Vice album description:

From the very beginning, even before viewing, the picture pleases with plenty of famous names in the list of actors. But as it turned out, the actors to whom we used to are not the guarantee of the good movie. This motion picture surprises by its style, which was absent, perhaps, since the days of the legendary "The Big Lebowski".
All the screen action can be described in two words – California and seventieth. The time-inherent atmosphere that could hardly be confused with something besides. Flared pants, constant usage of drugs – light or not – is not so important; round sunglasses and a complete separation.
If the film wouldn’t have such huge quantity of tightened dialogues actually about anything – maybe it would look better. Abundance of humor pleases us, but a director’s work is very frustrating: you want quality and a good level of the film, but instead the impression received that the director constantly looks himself. Quite another thing is that the audience, including us, is absolutely confident that he found himself already along with his quite unique style years back when he shoot his most high-qualitative motion picture.
As for the soundtrack, it pleases with its diversity in terms of performers – almost no one of them presents two songs, with the exception of Can, who has exactly two songs here in the collection – Soup and Vitamin C . The album of nineteen tracks is opened with The Tornados with the song Dreaming On A Cloud.
It should be noted that the selection is fairly monotonous, but the overall style of this is pleasant and unhurried melodies do not make you bored until the very last notes. This music can be listened to hours day by day without noticing how one melody goes after another.

January, 10th 2017


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