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Skull Dugrey Lyrics


Heat Lyrics

Heat Song Lyrics


Niggaz always talkin bout that they bringin heat
The heat that they bring forth is the police
The only drama that they see
Is they momma screamin to the preacher
Not my baby


I'm full of that parsley herb
Nigga word
Makin sure pussy ass niggaz get served
Hoes don't know niggaz with feelings get dropped
Who gives a damn that Pac's been shot
To me he just another nigga on another nigga block
Who got caught up and got popped
f**k it
That's how it bes in my city
2 niggaz go for bad, huh
And than they through
Mothaf**k these niggaz that's the word for the day
Suckers be claimin that they bangin with AK's
Them fools say were that they warin on the streets
The only war that they ought to war is the beast
Talkin bout the white man
You feel me
Look to hit the white man
He's dirty
Puttin drugs on our streets
With the help of the crooked ass police
The sh*t need to cease

[Chorus x2]


Just make no exceptions but they rule all the game
In my city them b**ches get mad than they go insane
See a nigga hustlin than they roll up on the street
Lookin hard jumpin out they vehicle screamin
That's some sh*t that I heard and always seen
Boy that's how it goes in New Orleans
that they sit to pick you up and rage in the cage
Will committ all them niggaz with no sense get dropped quick
Some fools got guns, but no heart
But they get caught at the dump when dey snuff
Thinkin that they the man
But the man boy got the siren boy on the top hand