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Come on

E-40, B-Legit Lyrics


Come on Lyrics

Come on Song Lyrics

b**ch I'm a hard head nigga
So don't ask me
I know a gang of motherf**kers say they gone blast me
Catch me dippin to some screw
Attitude rude, drippin sweat, about to finger-f**k this tech
I leave em stretch reaching for a rifle
Got him a pump before a nigga to duck to duck
I ain't no punk nigga this be mine for cease before them chippers and
cheese see we thievs

Give me some Valumes and some Robuttus and watch me do it
Dip my cancer stick into some imbalming fluid
Show your I.D then pass it right back to me cousin cause see I'm a minor
and these wet daddies got your partner sweating like drippy ass vagina
Let me up in this b**ch-ass club security or me and my guys gone bum
rush these doors make it so it won't be no more rap shows
Yeah that's what I thought
I see wall to wall hoes b**ches everywhere all over the place niggas
tippin off the green marble just so hoes can sit on the face

(Distorted come on)

A funky lesson number one My own don't be in no mess
Number two when it's confidential hold it on your chest
Number three ( three ) don't be f**kin with me
Number four no more toe to toe the only way to let these motherf**kers
no is to flex
Wip they ass up leave em' bleeding like a cotex
Boy we one tight bad ass clique
Niggas in my outfit gone be rappin rollin over sticks , spillin beans
tattle tellin

We be thievin, caniving they way that we surviving
No this b**ch that's ballin and tonight's she's callin
Wantin to know " What's up B when we gone work it up"
If we can go kick it and smoke
Get her keyed as hell and maybe hit a hotel
I'm on my cell thinkin yeah I'm cool with that
Hit the Kit-Kat and get her sprees before I get he f cheese
Pimpin is a game and I'm lovin to flirt while my fingers up her tennis

(Distorted come on's)

b**ch I'm dedicated you know, to this mob sh*t
Talk back , f**k that get your jaw split
Raw spit , that's what you niggas pay me for
A Hundred Thousand f**kin off down in Vegas Hoe
And you know we the one to get the function bumpin
No sh*t we the clique bullsh*t ain't nothin
See you f**kin with some fools niggas with no rules mobbin in they old
schools b**ch

?? With the windows up man with the heat on heat on
Man we in a land tacked out funked in a hamsac smokin on ??
I say it said producing rapping hustlin that's my bread and butter
You niggas better hurry up cause there's money in this motherf**ker
(money in this moneyf**ker)
Reverend is so hard to find like good boy's
Cause sh*t be droppin have your ass
p**sin yellow discharge taking tetracycline