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Music Video

Down and Dirty

Tru (C-Murder, Silkk) Lyrics


Down and Dirty Lyrics

Down and Dirty Song Lyrics

Yo we ridin' dirty, you don't know me b**ch


Silkk and Mercedes together
Mercedes, Tru niggaz down and dirty
[repeat 2X]

Watch your back when I be ridin
Cause I'm known to get down and dirty
Or should I say I'm bout it, bout it!

See I'm, always sulkin like a bad kid
AK's under the mattress, automatic for static
Watch your back when I ride
Cuz I, roll with the tech and blastin will be uncivilized
Hat, like y'all niggaz heard me
I'm known to get down and f**kin dirty
Y'all bustas just ain't worthy
I live loose adn live frightless
I'm in a crowded room, cut the lights off, turn em back on
I got everybody's rings and necklace
Check check this, hop on the block, nigga
Stop, nigga out my mind, thinkin like a glock nigga
It's a risky business, ask Boz he'll tell ya
Ask P, he'll tell you niggaz, six deep is how us G's ride
On some gangsta sh*t
I'm down to kickin your f**kin door
But I'll spray this sh*t, y'all ain't feelin
I'm doin it for a meal
Stop pause for a sec, I'm ridin dirty, guard your grill

[Chorus 4X]

I'm on some Beamer 740 sh*t, crazy retarded sh*t
Some rum bacardi sh*t
When I bust, niggaz run, cuz they know, I hardly miss
Potnas be trippin ever since I first made it
I'm bad like a first grader
Face like a eight grader
I'm on some sh*t that'll make the niggaz wanna jump out the game
I'm down to act bad, dude I got through, to make some change
By any means me dream is on the triple beam
Schemes twice a week to get my money of my cream
Y'all b**ches ain't feelin, how I do it, how I won it
If you did it, I done done it, dope I count less than hundred
Got one of my block retaliatin, till we all fall
I'm out the supersport, bumpin, dumpin on all y'all

[Chorus 4X]

Nigga, I'm ridin dirty, like U.G.K. homes
If you can't respect the fact that I'm strapped, keep your ass at home
I'd rather be in the pen, more than the motherf**kin grave
And have my picture on the news, instead of the motherf**kin front page
I'm TRU nigga! so act like me to the fullest
I gots my finger on this trigga, and you know I'm ready to pull it
C and Silkk, commenced to bustin and that ass
Don't try to play me boy, we leave you layin up in a body bag
With P dog, the colonel of No Limit
That's my label b**ch, so I gots to represent it
Like, Martin Luther King, I gotta dream
To be a, multi-millionaire, make hits and stack cream
With TRU tatooed on my back and my arm
Don't bury me a G, cause I plan to live long
Much love to my homes, dead and in the bushes
Reminiscin, pour our 40's, and smoke mad Swishers
Straight out the gutter, like G-blood
Silkk, C-Murder, TRU, down and dirty
We run this motherf**ker