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What You Need

The Commission Lyrics


What You Need Lyrics

What You Need Song Lyrics

b**ch, my whole crew ball
We making moves like U-hauls
We got enough sh*t, to fill up a few malls
It's The Commission, hustlers by nature from cellies to pagers
From Ballies to Blazers
From cocaine with razors, from grenades to tasers
I sell to my neighbors to increase my paper
Playa haters hate us, they call the police to come and seize us
But they coming to sell us they seigers
It's syndicated, loose lips get eliminated
Cause working 9 to 5 is to over-rated
We finally made it
You gonna be working until your life time is took up
You shook up, but guess what..

We got what you need from heroine to weed
Benzs to Rovers, hoopties to Novas, beepers to speakers
Pistols to b**ches
All about our figures with the hook-up for you niggas [x2]

From El Caminos and Cadillacs, partner bags to dime sacks
Empty clips and pistol grips, I got it if you got it black
From mobile phones to VCR's
Honda f**king CDR's
Playstation, Nintendos, Lorenzos for your Benz-o
Its evident, I'm paper chasing president
Bring me your prescription, I'll supply you with your medicine
Hoes I'm from the south, were you die young
Them hoes is gonna be hiding from ya
When you fire-eyed that shy
Then b**ch I'm doing nothing but jobs
See anything you need, I gots the hook-up
The heckle for your jeckle
A motherf**king hustler out the ghetto
Commission niggas, ain't no f**king limit to our business nigga
The special made, letting you have it so come get it nigga


Life is all about a hustle, can you relate
Its all about the benjamins, its all about the paper chase
Knowing this, I scheme and plot the whole shop
I got what you want to swap, I'm in these streets
Like Simon say STOP!
Theirs no limit to the sh*t I move
f**k it, if its hot, if you wanna make a drop
I'm a take care of ya', got vests that feel nice on your chest
Made out of Kevlar to keep the bullets from hitting your heart
The auti-9, 99, nigger store chopper
Something proper, a guaranteed nigger stopper
Payback, I got ya, my street merchandise ain't nothing nice
I'ma hook you up with something tight, for the right price