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Now I've Seen You (Reprise) lyrics

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Now I've Seen You (Reprise) Song Lyrics

Oh no. My Baby.
Not like this.
Not after all this time.
Poor little thing.
What was it all for?
What was the point of your little life?
It can't end like this! It can't!
Father Swan:
Nor will it, my dear.
But he's dead. My baby is dead.
It's all my fault.
He wondered away from the next last Spring.
I should have gone after him but I had his brothers and sisters to rear.
I couldn't just leave them.
No. No, I am too late.
Mother Swan:
Cry. Cry, my dear. For the warmth of a mother's tears can thaw the stoniest frost.
Oh, if only I could believe that.
Mother Swan:
You must. For what do we have, if we don't have hope?
(Ida starts to cry)
(Thawing music plays)
I am not a duck. I am not a duck.
I'm a swan!
Honk! Momma!
(Lead in to song)
Ugly & Ida:
Just knowing you were out there.
Help me to get by. And know were' reunited.
I can hold my head up high.
It's him, father. The signet I told you about.
The one who saved my life.
Do you remember me?
Oh come on, say you remember me.
Of course I remember you. {Penny sighs}
How could I forget you?
You're the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.
Penny: should take a good look at your own reflection.
I've seen rainbows reaching skyward, pass between clouds and fade from view.
I thought I knew what beautiful was but now I've seen you.
Penny & Ugly:
And though I've seen
The willow's weeping branches,
The misty morning air,
A clear and starry night
[Penny] Has nothing to compare
[Ugly] Has nothing to compare
[Both] with you....
[Thanks to Gabby, Anthony for lyrics]