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Look At Him lyrics

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Look At Him Song Lyrics

[ALL] Look at him
[IDA] Come on children, let's not make a fuss
[ALL] Look at him
[DRAKE] Are you sure he's really one of us?
[IDA] Family likeness is ob-strong
still you won't poke fun.
All of you must get along;
he's a special son.
(SPOKEN: Come along all of you, now follow me...And beware of the cat.)
[ALL] Look at him
Legs are bandy
And the knees are knocked
Look at him.
Dad was obviously egg-shell-shocked.
Bet the neighbors scream and howl
When they see our brood.
He's the foulest waterfowl.
[UGLY] Why are you so rude?
[DUCKLING 1] Oooh, touchy.
[IDA] Hello Maureen!
[Maureen] Hello Ida! Hello Drake! Oh, what a splendid brood? Did the big egg hatch out all--AH!
[MAUREEN] Look at him.
Come on, Ida, what went wrong?
Look at him.
Did ya leave him in the egg too long?
I admire you for your pluck,
strictly entrant...
He may be no pin-up duck.
[IDA] Neither, dear, are you.
[MAUREEN] Oh, well! I must be going! I heard the children from the farmhouse are throwing French bread into the water. Sounds tres chique, I don't want to miss out.
[UGLY] Look at you, look at me,
what's it matter?
[DUCKLING] Isn't it obvious?
[UGLY] Why do I make you all laugh and scoff?
[DUCKLING] Have you seen your reflection?
[UGLY] Why don't we play with the fishes?
[DUCKLINGS] Because you'd scare them off!
Look at him.
You admit he is a bit extreme.
[IDA] Look at him.
Just a variation on a theme.
I don't want to see my son
left out on a limb.
Why is it that everyone
has to cheer?
[DRAKE] There's your answer, dear.
Look at him!
[another animal] Peck, peck, peck
I hate to be picky,
but the duck--peck, peck--
looks a little bit dinky.
Look at him.
Did you ever see a pig with wings?
Look at him.
Don't genetics do the strangest things?
Though the thought may not appeal,
break the ties that bind.
If you gave the cat a meal,
nobody would mind.
[TURKEY] Gather 'round everyone, short ones in the front.
Look at him.
He's an ugly one there is no doubt.
Look at him.
Does he have his giblets inside out?
What else would explain his looks
Being quite so rough?
How on earth will gourmet cooks
Know which end to stuff?
[ALL] Look at him, look at us,
see the difference!
Look at him, look at us,
where's the match?
Sometimes we find it is kinder
if some eggs never hatch.
[CAT] Now that's what I call a snack.
Look at him.
Still a duckling,
but there's so much more.
Look at him.
Finest cat food that I ever saw.
Let us tell, he won't be missed;
they think he's a flop.
Maybe they'll let me assist
giving him the chop!
He's my son and I love him
Do you see what you've done?
You're to blame
This duckyard would be so boring
If we all looked the same.

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