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Raped in the Face lyrics - Phoebe Strole,Skylar Astin,Steve Coogan,Skylar Astin,Phoebe Strole,Steve Coogan

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Raped in the Face Song Lyrics

Sometimes I feel like I'm drifting in space.
I think my heart-soul is falling from grace.
Therapy has taken me to a better place.
So why do I feel
Why do I feel
Why do I feel like I've been raped in the face?
Maybe it's buried emotions.
Maybe the wrong medication.
I simply go through the motions.
They say I need a vacation.
I really do feel like a sexual victim with dark memories
Of a rigid dictum.
This means "I love you," he murmured.
"This will be our little secret.
You'll wind up horribly murdered,
If you should dare not to keep it."
I know the topic of rape isn't nice.
Don't bring it up when you're breaking the ice.
Is that why you're so quick to decline
To hear this oral fixation of mine?
Why, it spins like a wheel
While I make this appeal.
If I'm lost then I'll squeal.
It's a pretty raw deal
When they force you to kneel.
Holy **** it's so real!
When you've really been
Raped in the face.