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Shakin' Rock 'N' Roll Tonight lyrics - The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

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Shakin' Rock 'N' Roll Tonight Song Lyrics

Come on! Go!
I wanna get famous, I wanna get crazy
I wanna rock your city tonight
I wanna rolol you over with a real bad set
I wanna craze all of your tonight
Oh, let's go!
Well, down in the basement is a crazy spot
We gotta sweep it a hole and sh*t inside
Along come you all and wasn't a plain
I say, hell, well it is a rock today, get down!
Come on! Rock 'n' roll Blues Explosion in style
'Cause if you ever rock on, you'd better push it on
Let's on, just rock wild, come on!
Yeah! All right!
I said, I wanna get crazy, I wanna get famous
I wanna kiss you all goodnight
Oh, twist this! Um! Ah!
Well, if you wanna hear some bully
LIke I'm born and raised
I say, shut your mouth baby and do what I say!
Stomp your feet and grab(?) your hands
And scream and shout, come on, shotgun!
Yeah! Well, all right, let's roll
I'm gonna satisfy my soul
Oh yeah, get down
I'm gonna sock it to you baby
Come on, rock 'n' roll tonight
Ahh, yeah! Oh, rock on, um
Live on, rock on with you baby, come on
Rock 'n' roll, baby, get it, come on, get it
Rock on, baby, get it, get down
Live on, lose it, throw it
Come on, get it, get it, honey, get upon
Rock on!