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November, 22nd 2015
Another Boogie Woogie in the collection of compositions. This time, completely "sharpened" for ages from one year to 7 years at most, because the lyrics is designed for very small kids. Very funny and mischievous, the sound is in no way inferior in quality to its "adult" counterparts for Halloween parties. If there is any, on which children up to 10 years invited, this song is sure to be a good music option, as other included in the soundtrack here.

Pumpkin Patch lyrics - Mr. I

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Pumpkin Patch Song Lyrics

Pumpkin patch, pumpkin patch,
Headin' out to the pumpkin patch
Pumpkin patch, pumpkin patch
Headin' out to the pumpkin patch
Pumpkins are pretty sneaky, they like to hide in the fields
Under a leaf, under a bush, they keep perfectly still
It's a good thing that they're orange, or they'd be hard to see
Gonna catch me one of them pumpkins, a special one for me.
Pumpkins aren't very scary, unless you give them a face
A smile or a frown, eyes up or down, teeth all over the place
Gonna carve me one of them pumpkins, put a candle inside to burn
Then instead of a pumpkin, it'll be a jack o'lantern
Hey hey, I'm goin' today, hay ride hang on...
Hey hey, what can I say,
Gotta catch 'em before they're gone.
So if you happen to see a pumpkin,
When you're out on hallowe'en night
Don't stop and stare, you better beware
He'll give you an awful fright.
Just keep on trick or treating, don't even say hello
He might jump up, and follow you home,
You just never know!