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Pirate Song

Two of a Kind Lyrics


Pirate Song Lyrics

Pirate Song Song Lyrics

All aboard for a little healthy rebellion!

Up in the morning, out of bed
I put a bandana on my head
I put a patch upon my eye
Run downstairs, and then I cry - (Run downstairs, and then I cry - )

Yo ho ho, don't you know,
a pirate's life is great-so
'Cause we don't take baths and we don't take naps,
and we don't clean our plates-o [Ahrrrr!]

When they put food on my plate
I will not touch the stuff I hate
They say "Why don't you take a bite?"
I shout out loud with all my might - (shout out loud with all my might - )


Then they sit me on their lap
They say, "Why don't you take a nap?"
I might be tired, but I don't go
a crabby pirate just says no! (a crabby pirate just says no!)


I've got a pirate ship and a pirate crew
I've got a pirate brother too ("Ay ay, mate!") [I sing "pirate Jenny"]
Captain is my pirate's rank
We'll make our parents walk the plank! (make our parents walk the plank)


Well, I eat my dinner at the end of the day
(I) put my pirate stuff away
I take a bath, and climb in bed
Pirate dreams are in my head (Pirate dreams are in my head)



November, 14th 2016
Two Of A Kind done a melody with lots of conversational voice in the entry. Everything is made exclusively for children, of a very young age, up to five years. An older age group prefers to have something closer to the real life, not such grandstanding pair of pirates. But from the perspective of gaiety and spirit, they give it to their age group at fullest. After all, they made a great song of the genre of pop for youth – there cannot be two different opinions on that issue.


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