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Tomorrow's Woman lyrics

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Tomorrow's Woman Song Lyrics

Girls today
Bring more to the table
Than finger bowls and flowers,
Trapped in ivory towers
Petting the cat.
Phooey on that!
We don't braid our hair like Rapunzel
Or wait for some knight on a horse.
We get where we get
By our hard work and sweat-
And get everything else in divorce.
Come five-fifteen,
With scissors and smirks,
I'll give mother's apron "the works"
And with the snip, snip, snipping of strings,
Welcome tomorrow's woman!
Mother can keep on bossing.
Finally free,
She can't touch me.
[Edie, Jackie & Lee]
With no one clip, clip, clipping my wings,
Watch as tomorrow's woman takes the sky!
And oh, what a view
From my Grumman J-2
In the clouds with my modern-day guy!
It's easy for you, Edie. You've got style and smarts-
-and Joe!
Girls like you
Will always be welcome
Where compliments are given.
Staunch, unbowed and driven.
Solid as earth.
We know our worth.
I might be a model in Paris...!
Or marry Bulgaria's prince!
Why not?
While I'll be the toast
Of "The Washington Post"
For re-doing the White House in chintz.
Our yacht will sail the Aegean Sea.
Just Edie-
And Jackie-
And Lee!
[Edie, Jackie & Lee]
And with a snip, snip, snipping of strings,
Welcome tomorrow's woman!
Life is a lovely crossing
Starting tonight
From Montauk Light!
Lifted by high hopes sisterhood brings,
Watch as tomorrow's women
Seize the day!
I'll gamble at Monte and lose my fur coat!
I'll skinny-dip naked where gondolas float!
Get out of Grey Gardens-
[Edie, Jackie & Lee]
-And onto the boat
With my scarf in my hair!
Foster-Grants for the glare!
And no mothers to get in our way!
[Thanks to Jake for lyrics]

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