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Music Video

Freddy My Love

Keke Palmer Lyrics


Freddy My Love Lyrics

Freddy My Love Song Lyrics

Freddy my love, I miss you more than words can say
Freddy my love, please keep in touch while you're away
Hearing from you can make the day so much better
Getting a souvenir or maybe a letter
I really flipped over the great cashmere sweater
Freddy my love, Freddy my love, Freddy my love

Freddy you know, your absence makes me feel so blue
That's okay though, your presents make me think of you
Mama will have a heart-attack when she catches
Those pedal pushers with the black leather patches
Oh how I wish I had a jacket that matches, Freddy my love
Freddy my love, Freddy my love, Freddy my love

Don't keep your letters from me, I thrill to every line
Your spelling's kinda crummy, but honey so is mine
I treasure every gifty, the ring is really nifty
You say it cost you fifty, so you're thrifty, I don't mind

Freddy you see, you'll hold me in your arms someday
And I will be wearing your lacy lingerie
Thinking about it, my heart's pounding already
Knowing when you come home, we're bound to go steady
And throw your service pay around like confetti, Freddy my love

October, 29th 2016
2:55 of quite interesting content by Keke Palmer – who wonderfully exactly recreates the atmosphere of the time, which exhibits the film. We cannot decide a choice – what is more beautiful – a dress of the singer or her velvety voice, which spreads from the fantastically high podium, on which she acts, slowly emerging in the enchanted hall with the accompaniment of pipes & string instruments. No less beautiful girls on the second background complete the appearance of this pop.


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