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Grease Live Album Cover

“Grease Live” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2016

“Grease Live” Track List with Lyrics

Mark Platt, executive producer of this exuberance, as he said of it, wanted to refresh the product truly, while maintaining its authenticity of 1950’s spirit. Of course, the shooting carried out in stages, the broadcast did not occur alive, but it seems the producers have tried to keep belief in it so a young audience really considered this to be so (Greased Lightnin'). And the experienced beholders, who saw the original Grease & remember the day of its premiere, and as well as the following hysteria of love to this film and its culture, could feel young again and full of energy (Grease (Is the Word)).
One of the funniest scenes of the original film in which John Travolta hits one of the players in the basketball game, has been replaced by a softer – attempt of a hit, with greater humor, and with the best physique of the hero. The new movie is all consisted of things, known well from the original, but with its little cute differences everywhere – that allows to recall nostalgically the production of 1978, as it was slightly more aggressive in lyrics and characters were older. Carly Rae Jepsen creates the magic of amazing sound and plays one of roles, while the other actors are not professional singers, but this is their peculiarity, not fail. 38-year-old difference for the final version was somewhere good and not, but the emotions of it remain the same, only refreshed (You're the One That I Want – here the main character looks much more tempting than in the original). Or DNCE, on the other hand, exhibits that the main emotion from the film remained unchanged and jive is still in vogue with its assertive lyrics and music.
If you have not watched the movie of 1978, you easily may not do this – just behold this version, it has more style and humor, as well as the beauty and youthful charisma.

October, 29th 2016


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