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Music Video

Flash Burn

Twin Rains Lyrics


Flash Burn Lyrics

Flash Burn Song Lyrics

If I told you I loved you I could have lost time
Would have held up my tongue, diverted my mind
A new plot in my skin, and an old body left behind
Lost chance at some punchline I'd been trying to find

You were looking at me, but I had my eyes on the road
Had you tagged as some bomb, give you any time you'd explode
You'd be the death of me, baby, I could see it unfold
Your name tattooed on my shoulder, face a hole in my wall

I can see your mouth now
You're in a brightly lit train station
I can't take you back
No, I can't stop the ticking

Can't get off the tracks
Can't get off the tracks

Watched you speak to the country about getting out of this town
Then you went to a room, drew the curtains around
Were you ready for me, baby, another threat from the ground?
It's so much easier climbing than it is coming down

Can't get off the tracks...