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Reference: Beth Thornley - Wikipedia

You're So Pony lyrics - Beth Thornley

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You're So Pony Song Lyrics

Let’s say I want it. Let’s say I want what’s over there*
Let’s say I know it. Let’s say I’d know it anywhere.
‘Cause there’s just some things, yeah you know what’s not and what is.
Like when it’s honey and when you get a taste of it.
So baby what I know; there’s no stop ‘cause you are go.
No way I can tame it. But baby I can name it.
You’re so pony. So very, very pony, pony
You’re so pony. So very, so very pony.
You ain’t no one trick; you’re more like the triple crown.
You ain’t no one kiss; you’re more like an all-around.
Before you said it, yeah I could hear you say my name.
‘Cause it was always, always meant to be this way.
There’s no fakin’ it; no way to rein it in.
Just like heaven told me; baby I got testimony.
‘Cause when you know it’s pony, you know that it ain’t only
Just about what’s showing; ain’t about how fast it’s going.
Cause when it’s cool like Bogie, holding the door open for me,
Getting lit up when you hold me, knowing how to take it slowly.
B boys crew up on the dance floor, rubbing rocks and vinyl records,
Ferris wheels when they go backwards; louboutin on sale for fractions.
Yeah, that’s pony. It lights me up like when you hold me;
You know how to take it slowly.
You shine like a Cadillac; if you got sold I’d buy you back