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Music Video

Bed of Thorns

Gary Numan Lyrics


Bed of Thorns Lyrics

Bed of Thorns Song Lyrics

I’m waiting in the dark
Waiting for a dark light
To show me the way
I’m hiding from the world
Trapped in my ambition
Drowning in my fear

You’re welcome to stand in my place
You’re welcome to feel what I feel
You’re welcome to live in my life
You’re welcome to sleep in my bed of thorns

I’m walking through the dust
Pulling out splinters
Of things that never last
I’m easily forgotten
There is always someone
Better in the past

Refrain (x1)

You’re welcome (x4)

April, 05th 2017
This song by Gary Numan is called instrumental by some people when it is not true. It has lyrics, and there are plenty of them, enough for several couplets. He is the English composer, singer, and a songwriter that performs in many genres: new wave, synthpop, post-punk, electronic, industrial rock, gothic rock. This piece is rather a fusion of post-punk synthpop, in line with the general idea of the film itself made in the post-punk sci-fi. It is sung about the emptiness in the soul of a performer & that he is hiding from the entire world. He feels that everything is the dust & he walks through it.


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