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Don't Test / Wu Stallion Lyrics - Suga Bang Bang

Soundtrack: Ghost Dog

Song Lyrics

Don't Test / Wu Stallion Song Lyrics

[Suga Bang Bang]
It's time, it's time to come again
Summer time and spring time long gone again
Anything test, anything gone drop
Tellin me "Blood muffy run, blood muff gone fi run"
If a sound test I tell 'em rude boy come
Bout them 9 millimeter in the nineteen top
And don't test me, now
Don't try me, now, now, now, stallion stallion
Ain't lettin anyone done come test me, now, now, now, now, now, now
Stallion, stallion, stallion
Ain't seein them let done come, tellin 'me murdered dim him him him
Nuna-nuna-him-him man a run dim dim dim dim
Knew dem know that me no take back no truck
Come my glock bark me .4-5, licka licka shot
Tell another sound boy this, I must pop a shot
In them tears, him back, tell him must fall back
Tell em tell em tell em, round go away
Round go way, tell 'em don' come and test, tell 'em don' come and test
Me another champion, means another champion
Who dat talk? Who dat talk? Who dat talk? Who dat talk?
Suga Bang Bang tell 'em homey run on the spot
And the cop wan me merk me and me nah licka shot
Stallion, stallion, stallion, stallion, stallion, stallion
They don't know me
Body bag cannot try him
Know me, know me, know me, stallion no forgot
Nineteen ninety nine, boy me radiant love
Tellin em cock back the big ten dem call to us
And we even f**k de pussy hole, the wrong come test
Hear me no hear me, hear me
And them don't see me, see me
Say why them try me, try me
And no ready to hear me, hear me
Pay attention, but with premonition
So tell em a champion, why me nah run?
Don't don't try try to test a champion champion
If you not ready ready ready ready ready
Stallion stallion stallion stallion, eh? eh? eh? eh? eh? eh?, sound boy
Wu-Tang come again come again come again
Do you want to come test a champion
And he not ready ready ready ready no
8 or 9:30, in a Sunday morning
I'm been smokin since my grandpa, grandpa, grandpa
He say "Ill little youth man, don't move too fast, too fast, too fast"
Cuz this crazy crazy world, that you livin in
They don't understand, no they don't understand
Son me live a little kid, tellin me a reality
And say some come as GTT, and some come of them 5%
And some of them come fight me, lyricists are easy
And some of them come fight, but me nasty
Come test test tellin em jockey
And tellin me right 'pon the ease, is it easy
And some of them don't know me me me me
Me do well steady, and me world for the love but they want come fi test
And they don't ready ready ready ready
Feel this